Isis Golf Club Notes May 12th, 2019

Tuesday, May 14th, Vets’ Two Person Ambrose, 12 noon
Thursday, May 16th, Ladies’ American Foursome, 8:30 a.m.
Saturday, May 18th, Round 1 of Club Championships, 12:30 p.m.
Sunday, May 19th , Round 2 of Club Championships, 11:00 a.m.
Congratulations to the Isis Ladies who are currently leading the Wide Bay Pennants after three rounds.
TUESDAY ISIS VETS’  Single Stableford
Men’s Division 1
Winner  Nigel Radin   35 points C/B
Runner Up  Colin Dennett  35 points C/B
Third   Allan Prichard  35 points
Fourth  Craig Reynolds  34 points
Men’s Division 2
Winner  Russel Kidd  39 points
Runner Up  Michael Stanton  37 points
Third   Darryl Johnstone 36 points
Fourth  Barry Steinke  33 points
Ladies’ Division
Winner  Cynthia Draper  35 points
Runner Up  Helen Ricciardi   33 points
Third   Joan Wright  32 points
Fourth  Monica Madsen  31 points
1&10  Division.1   Larry Pershouse  0.85m
Division 2   Bob Werne  1.0m
 Ladies’ Approach Helen Ricciardi  0.46m  
4&13  Division 1   Ray Walker  0.55m
  Division 2   Michael Stanton  0.40m
 Ladies’ Approach Ilma Kidd  ` 0.01m
Chook Run Winners
1. Cynthia Draper  30 nett
2. Michael Stanton  30 nett
3. Craig Reynolds  32 nett
4. Joan Wright  32 nett
THURSDAY Ladies’ Three Person Ambrose
Winners Leanne Windeknecht/Chris Simpson/Sandy Kirk 64.5 nett
1&10  Marg Dennett/Coralie Volgyesi/Ilma Kidd 0.99m

SATURDAY Club Monthly Medals,
Men’s A Division
Winner  Kieth Rue   73 nett C/B
Runner Up  Peter Hrelja  73 nett C/B
Rundown  Stephen Cole   73 nett
Men’s B Division
Winner  Larry Pershouse  68 nett
Runner Up  Bill Herring  69 nett
Rundown  John Edwards  70 nett
Ladies’ Division
Winner  Cynthia Draper  71 nett
Runner Up  Kerry Schnack  74 nett
Rundown  Leanne Windeknecht 76 nett  
Pinshots & Approaches
1&10  Men’s A Pinshot  Kieth Rule   5.55m
  Men’s B Approach Bill Herring  in hole
  Ladies’ Approach Vicki McAulay  0.45m
4&13  Men’s A  Pinshot Gary Gretton  6.53m
  Men’s B Approach John Edwards  1.10m
  Ladies’ Approach Delyse McKay  2.12m  

Monthly Medals were competed for today. Nine hole winner both gross and nett was Bailey Jarick. Well played! Six hole gross winner was James Cocking and the six hole nett winner was Nicolas Cocking. Just 1 shot in it!
Next week – Time for a game before the Club Championships hit off at 11:00 a.m.