Hole 1 - The Pines


Metres: 176 | Par: 3 | Index: 6


Metres: 176 | Par: 4 | Index: 11

This is the signature hole of the club—and it’s a great starting hole.

The view down to the green is framed by 60 year old hoop pine trees, and it’s surprising how many times the ball seems to be attracted to them!

If you can negotiate the pines then you will have to contend with out of bounds down the left hand side of the fairway.  If it’s early summer and the cane hasn’t been harvested, forget about looking for your ball.  Leave it for the farmer and the snakes!

The safer route down the right hand side brings the trees into play and also the greenside bunker.

The fairway slopes downhill to the green so take one club less than the distance would suggest, unless, of course, a southerly wind is blowing  -  then it’s anyone's guess!

Once you get onto the green you will find it flat and predictable, but be aware of the illusion of slope, it won’t break anyone near as much as you expect.