Hole 8


Metres: 388 | Par: 4 | Index: 1


Metres: 332 | Par: 4 | Index: 5

This is rated the toughest hole on the course, and it deserves it’s rating.

It’s long, the fairways are fairly narrow, they slope downhill to the right, and both sides of the fairway are lined with tall trees.

There are no easy ways to play this hole.  Big hitters will be tempted to cut the corner, but, again, caveat emptor!  If you play a controlled draw then aim straight up the fairway and let the draw and the slope take you around the corner.

If you’re not confident about your accuracy, take a thee wood or a long iron off the tee, and be prepared to play another of them for your second shot.

If you make it around the corner, then you will have an uphill shot to the elevated green.  Don’t over hit it though, at best you will have a downhill putt to the hole, and at worst, you could go out of bounds behind the green.  ... I said it wasn't easy!!

Your troubles don’t end when you reach the green.  It’s fast,  with a  downhill slope to the front left of the green.  The smart approach shot is to the left front of the green, below the hole.