Hole 11 - The Avenue


Metres: 389 | Par: 4 | Index: 4


Metres: 389 | Par: 5 | Index: 16

From being the easiest hole on the course when played from the back tee, when played from the forward tee as number 11 it becomes the second hardest.

But it is only the length that makes it hard. 

The fairway opens up after about 180 metres and is straight, flat and wide.  But there is out of bounds all along the left hand side of the fairways, and tall trees along the right hand side.

With a good drive the green is reachable in two and there is a good gap between the two fairway bunkers which are about thirty metres in front of the green.

The green is 25 metres long, 12 metres wide, and slopes gently from back to front and left to right.