Hole 9 - Waterworks


Metres: 481 | Par: 5 | Index: 14


Metres: 443 | Par: 5 | Index: 7

The fact that this hole is rated the fifth easiest hole on the course says something about the rest!.

It’s reasonably long, it doglegs right after about 150 metres, there is out of bounds all along the left hand side of the fairway,  the fairway slopes downhill to the right, and both sides of the fairway are lined with tall trees.

The best part about this hole is the green.  It’s fairly big (by Isis standards), it’s flat and it generally putts true.

Your approach shot to the green should be to the left hand side.  Aim to the right and you will generally slide off down the hill into the trees.  Be careful you don’t over hit your approach shot  -  the out of bounds is only 5 to 10 metres behind the green.

And now to the clubhouse for a refreshing, mid-round ale!!