Hole 12 - The Fig


Metres: 351 | Par: 4 | Index: 4


Metres: 351 | Par: 4 | Index: 2

This is a tough hole where the placement of your tee shot is critical.

The hole is a slight dog-leg right.  The fairway slopes uphill to the 150 metre mark, then downhill to the green.

The sharp downhill slope on the fairway means that any tee shot hit with a slice to the middle of the fairway will run downhill into the tree line, where the big fig on the corner will block any second shot into the green.

The safe tee shot, high up on the left hand side of the fairway, brings into play a fairway bunker  15 metres in front of the green on the left hand side.

The green is hard, fast, 20 metres long, 12 metres wide, and slopes downhill from left to right.